We Support Scientific Imaging in the Greater Toronto Area

With extensive experience in exploring needs and integrating imaging systems, we aim to be the consultants of choice for microscopy and scientific imaging.

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pco sCMOS Cameras for Acquisition

pco sCMOS Cameras for Acquisition

We sell and support the full line of pco cameras. WIth three decades of technical expertise in the design and integration of imaging cameras, pco brings a complete line of high-speed and sensitive cameras to the scientific community. Their latest, the pco.edge 4.2 bi offers a 95% QE back-illuminated sensor with 6.5 x 6.5 µm2 pixels. The USB 3.1 interface provides a 40 fps full framerate as well as power over USB to the camera head. Ask us for a demo!

pco sCMOS familypco.edge 4.2 bi
SVI Huygens Software Suite

SVI Huygens Software Suite

Global leaders in the imaging and deconvolution field, SVI Huygens offers an array of analysis software solutions. Remote server or local workstation? Windows, Linux or Mac? Simple graphics card or extreme GPU capability? SVI offers options for every scenario with impressive visualization tools to match its computational prowess. Take a 30-day demonstration in your lab!

The latest version of Huygens includes modules for

-Airyscan and other array detectors

-Abberior instruments STEDYCON images

-Rescan confocal instruments (confocal.nl)

MORE INFOArray Detector Module
Lenovo Worstations for Scientific Computing

Lenovo Worstations for Scientific Computing

Deep Six Imaging is a registered Lenovo partner, offering Lenovo Thinkstation and mobile workstation options. 

Deep Six Imaging also offers a full range of Lenovo storage and server options for more advanced configurations, please ask for details.

Microscopy and Imaging Hardware

Microscopy and Imaging Hardware

Everything but the microscope! We are happy to offer live cell solutions, filters, and light sources as required by your imaging needs.

Aurora Microplates for High Throughput Screening and Live Cell Imaging

Aurora Microplates for High Throughput Screening and Live Cell Imaging

Aurora Microplates specializes in the production of high-density 384-well and 1536-well plates for imaging. Their 188 micron cyclo-olefin polymer bottom (COP) is designed for use with high-NA objectives. Options include


lids – black or clear

coatings for tissue culture

Contact us for pricing information on individual plates or discounted pricing on sleeves.

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