Optical Table Installation and Setup



It is increasingly common to purchase optical tables, only to be left with the task of providing setup and installation. Most end-users are not comfortable with this physically demanding task, and dramatically underestimate the issues for larger tables.

Deep Six Imaging provides end-to-end service for purchase, delivery and installation of the table, or can arrange installation with an already-purchased optical table.

Moving Scientific Equipment

Deep Six Imaging will tear down, package, move and reassemble your microscope and other select scientific equipment within Toronto or Ontario. Please ask for a detailed quote for these services and we will visit and provide a detailed estimate for your moving costs.



Contract Imaging Services – Imaging and Analysis

Access to the best imaging hardware and analysis software assures that your data acquisition and processing will be obtained using the strictest methodologies and in a reproducible fashion. We use an Aperio scanner for its best-in-class line-scanning technique, and have access to a fluorescent slide scanner for visible spectrum immunofluorescent detection. HALO software (Indica Labs) provides a reproducible and industry-standard analysis platform for whole-slide brightfield and fluorescent images.

For specialized imaging experiments, Deep Six Imaging can also acquire confocal and super-resolution images using industry-leading equipment for

  • Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM)
  • Stimulated Emission Depletion (3D STED)
  • Localization microscopy (STORM, GSD)

We also perform image visualization and renderings where desired.

Please contact us for rates:



Education and Training


I can be booked for full- or half-day training sessions in any of the following:

  • laser scanning confocal – principles and practise
  • super-resolution microscopy – sample preparation and imaging
  • deconvolution and image analysis

Please email directly: