Deep Six CIS – Contract Imaging Services

With access to the best imaging equipment across the country, Deep Six is able to handle your most challenging imaging tasks. From brightfield large-image stitching to 3d-over-time visualization to super-resolution imaging we possess the contacts and technical expertise to deliver the best quantitative imaging experience for your lab.


Widefield Fluorescence Imaging

Deep 6 CIS can help you get the quantitative images you need, in the format you want.

  • all common fluorescent proteins
  • fluorescing histochemical markers

For custom imaging  applications we will source appropriate equipment (filters, light sources and cameras) and give you a complete quote.

For widefield FRET imaging please contact us.

Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy

Where a confocal microscope is required for the best in diffraction-limited imaging, Deep 6 CIS can offer imaging services in visible light confocal imaging (405-640 nm excitation) microscopy for fixed or live specimens in conventional and high speed (resonant scanning) modes. Spectral image acquisition is available to obtain complete emission spectra for unmixing of closely-related fluorescent proteins or multiplexing > 4 labels or QDOTS.


Multiphoton Imaging

Conventional or resonant-scanning multiphoton imaging for deep tissue imaging is available upon request. Please enquire further to define requirements and discuss capabilities.


Super-Resolution Imaging

Several super-resolution imaging technologies are available to Deep 6 CIS. Please book an appointment early in the planning process to discuss what techniques are most appropriate for your application as there are several experimental requirements to consider.

Structured Illuminatiuon Microscopy

Remarkable in its light efficiency, this laser-based widefield microscopy technique yields a 2-fold improvement in resolution over conventional light microscopy (both axially and laterally). with little or no bleaching over time. This makes it ideal for live cell imaging experiments of microtubules, actin filaments, lipid rafts and other subcellular targets.


Localization Microscopy

We are specialists in the dSTORM imaging technique, utilizing high quantum yield fluorophores (ideally AlexaFluor 647) to image individual molecules. We have successfully performed this type of imaging on fixed cells in 2d and 3d modes. Experimental preparation and labelling is crucial for localization microscopy, please engage us early in the process.